Manuel Antonio National Park

This tour is offered in two modalities:

-Regular: walk for about 2.5 hours in total along the main path and mangrove swamp until reaching the beaches where the guide will stay accompanying the clients for 45 min and returning along the Sloth path to the park entrance.

** Recommended for families with very young children or older adults.

Price per person: $60, children under 11 years $49. Maximum 8 people

Private: $90

- Deluxe: Walk along the main trail, waterfall, mangrove swamp and optional walk along the Punta Catedral trail or Miradores. The estimated time is about 4 hours to know and learn as much as possible about natural history, culture and history that surrounds the fantastic Manuel Antonio National Park.

Price per person: $90, children under 11 years $59. Maximum 6 people.

Private: $100

Both modalities include:

Transportation from and to any hotel in Quepos and Manuel Antonio, entrance fee, Certified Bilingual Guide, photo package of the animals found during the tour, snack at the exit of the park.

Visit the smallest and one of the most beautiful National Parks in Costa Rica with a Certified Bilingual Guide learning about the wonders that nature offers us. In this park you can find amphibian species such as the famous green and black dart frog, reptiles such as the American crocodile and spectacled caiman, birds such as the osprey, rufous tailed hummingbirds and fiery billed toucans, araneidae such as scorpions, lepidopterans as the unmissable blue morpho butterfly. In short, it has everything and this without counting one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.